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Brake Disc Machining & Restoring

We offer you a superior disc brake rotor machining/restoration process with precision specialist brake disc lathe to get the ultimate accuracy and better brakes.

Why settle for less? Price is what you pay - Value is what you get. Your brake disc rotor is the base line of automotive brakes, it does the hard work along with the matching disc pads and brake calipers.

Calipers are operated by your car’s hydraulic system which links to the brake pedal, therefore the pressure applied to the brake pedal is pressure applied to the caliper pistons which press the brake pads against the disc rotor allowing you to stop.

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About Vehicle Brake Disc Rotors

Brake disc condition should be investigated when you feel there is a braking problem. If you find that your vehicle has a steering wheel shudder or a ‘pulsating’ brake pedal when slowing down from around 80-90km/hr, more than likely your brake discs or rotors will be warped or not running true.

Brake discs wear down over time, and for this reason each disc has a minimum thickness measurement. Once the disc gets below this measurement it is considered unsafe and must be replaced. Often when the brake pads have been worn down to their metal backing plate and worn into the disc, the disc would need to be machined to below its minimum thickness to remove the damage done by the pads and will need to be replaced.

Highway Auto Brakes are specialist brake repairers you can trust to inspect and report on your car’s brakes. Get a free brake inspection and know you will be able to stop in an emergency and also know that a ‘stitch in time’ saves many or in other words catch an impending fault before it becomes really expensive.

There is only one right way to machine brake disc rotors and that is firstly by using precision, purpose-built equipment, there is no room for short cuts here, have your discs restored to as new specifications. You would be disappointed if the brake shudder returned soon after a brake repair job and this does happen when the disc machining is done on the cheap by less than qualified and experienced brake technicians.

Bedding in new brake pads and brake disc machining

We Use This Bedding-In Procedure*

To maximise the performance of brake pads, it is essential that they are bedded in correctly as follows:

Accelerate vehicle to 50km/h Apply brakes using moderate to firm pedal effort, reducing speed to 5 km/h Drive 200m – 300m accelerating to 50 km/h Repeat steps 1 to 3 between 8 - 10 times * No Bedding-In procedure required for Bendix products that feature Blue Titanium Stripe.


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● Fiat
● Ford
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● Honda
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● Isuzu Ute
● Jeep
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● Land Rover
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● Suzuki
● Toyota
● Volkswagen
● Volvo

Highway Auto Brakes, offer personal service and quality workmanship guaranteed* for life.

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