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Free Brake Inspection: Measure brake pads, Brake disc Rotors, test brake fluid, inspect brake lines and brake cables, ABS Modulator electronics sensors, Brake.

Know your brakes will stop you. Discover all you want to know about having your brakes inspected, tested, measured, and how disk pads contribute to spreading brake dust on your front wheels and how we go about ensuring your car is brake safe.

Below is a menu of our many brake services, click or tap your way to greater understanding of your vehicle's braking systems.

It’s important to have your brakes inspected regularly to ensure your car’s safety and reliability. Here at Highway Auto Rockhampton you benefit from our 53 years repairing specialised aspects of vehicle maintenance. We are automotive technology leaders and diagnostic specialists. That means we get to the root cause of the problem and fix it once and fix it right. There are some 58 pages here of useful information on what we do and how it benefits you so click through our Menu and give us a call.

Brake inspection & Test with a written report Cars, SUVs, 4WDs, Caravans.

You get a lifetime workmanship guarantee*, a written report on the health of your vehicle and you pay no more than our quoted price.

We are easy to find at North Rockhampton CBD, Dual entry at 57 High St and 246 Musgrave Streets. Opposite the huge Stockland Shopping Centre to the West and Woolworths Northside Plaza to the south of us. You can do your shopping while we service your car.

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Brake Repairs & Testing - Cars, SUVs, 4WDs, Caravans.

Disc rotor & brake drum machining
ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) electronic controls
Brake system diagnostics


Disc Brake Rotor Machining & Replacement.

picture of brake disc before and after machining We can restore your braking efficiency with disc rotor resurfacing. This along with new brake pads and a brake calliper restoration your brakes will be as good as new.

Braking systems in cars are one of the most critical of all automotive safety systems. Brakes allow you to slow down, stop, avoid potential accidents and keep your car stationary when parked.

There’s a lot more to the braking system than just brake pads; it’s vital that you get the entire system checked and maintained regularly to ensure you and your family travel safely. We recommend you check and service brake systems every six months to keep them in good working order. Maintenance and repair work on your brakes should always be carried out by a trusted professional.

Highway Auto Brakes Are Your Brake Repair Experts

From the brake pedal to hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder to power brake booster, drum brakes to disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors, Highway Auto technicians know every part of your brake system inside and out and can perform brake repair on any make and model.

At Highway Auto Brakes Rockhampton, we can service your vehicle with the Bendix Front & Rear Brake Service kit from just $197*. We offer our customers peace of mind with our industry-leading Lifetime workmanship guarantee on brake services.

$197 Brake service kit includes:

  • Supply and fit Bendix disc brake pads.

  • Inspect disc rotors for condition, measure thickness.

  • Inspect brake caliper operation.

  • Clean and lubricate caliper sliding pins and contact areas.
  • Check brake fluid condition and top up if necessary.

  • Visually inspect brake master cylinder.

  • Check park brake operation and adjust.

  • Measure tyre wear

Common brake problems and the warning signs

  • A spongy brake pedal

  • A grinding sound when you depress the brake pedal

  • Squealing brakes

  • The car pulling to one side when you brake
  • The brake warning light illuminating

  • Brake fluid level dropping

  • The brake pedal being hard to press

  • Pulsating brake pedal

Examples of vehicles we service
● Audi
● Daewoo
● Daihatsu
● Datsun
● Fiat
● Ford
● Holden
● Honda
● Hyundai
● Isuzu Ute
● Jeep
● Kia
● Land Rover
● Lexus
● Mazda
● Mini
● Mitsubishi
● Nissan
● Subaru
● Suzuki
● Toyota
● Volkswagen
● Volvo

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booking a car brake inspection rockhampton For any of the above services or for any automotive repairs, Mechanical, Air-conditioning, Auto electrical, Cruise control, Caravan services, Bosch, Delkor and Century Batteries.

You can speak with Cathy or Steve who will talk you through any automotive service questions and advice; they are well-informed, patient, professionals. (07) 4926 1303

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About car Brakes, servicing and mechanical repairs in Rockhampton. Have a look at this sister site.
About Brakes, servicing and mechanical repairs Rockhampton. Have a look at this sister site.
About Brakes, servicing and mechanical repairs Rockhampton. Have a look at this sister site.
About Brakes, servicing and mechanical repairs Rockhampton. Have a look at this sister site.