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VISIT MENU: Electronics Systems, Auto Electrics & Batteries: A link to everything auto electrical, including hard starting and battery life, Alternator charge rate, Starter motors, ECU Engine Computers, ABS Brake Computers. HAE is the auto technology master. We do it once and do it right, better and cheaper.

Auto Electricians Rockhampton at Highway Auto Electrics

Masters of Vehicle Electronic Control Systems

Highway Auto Rockhampton is the trusted provider of quality vehicle electronic system servicing. Car & 4WD repairs & servicing with our quality guarantee.

Modern cars are now as much electrical/electronic as they were once mechanical. A good reason to know about Highway Auto Electrics, the premier auto electricians in Rockhampton since July 1966, always evolving, always improving, always learning, so if you want your car fixed right, fixed fast and at a minimum cost talk to Steve now... (07) 4926 1303


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auto electrical diagnosis

Car Electrical Systems

  • Electronic Systems Diagnosis

  • Repair, rework, rebuild

  • (EFI) Electronic Fuel Injection

  • Lighting Repair and Upgrade

  • Re-wire and Repair Wiring

  • Check engine light on

  • Caravan electrics, brakes and batteries
Car, SUV, 4WD alternator and starter motor

Alternators & Starter Motors

  • Test

  • Repair

  • Exchange

  • Remove & Install

  • New upgraded systems

car air-conditioning diagnosis and repairs

Car Air Conditioning

  • Get ice cold air again

  • Re-gas

  • Leak Test

  • Re-hose

  • Service and Repair

  • Environmental and Quality Compliance

Dual battery system caravan and 4WD


  • Dual Battery Systems

  • Anderson Plug Installation

  • Power Socket Installation

  • Fridge Plug Installation

  • CB Radio Installations

  • Electric Trailer Brake Controllers

Batteries fitted free

Batteries Fitted Free

  • All Passenger Vehicles

  • 4WD / SUV

  • Marine

  • Caravan

  • Deep Cycle

  • Performance

  • Dual Battery Systems

Car cruise control fitted and adjusted

Cruise Control Fitted

  • All Passenger Vehicles

  • 4WD / SUV

Caravan and trailer electric brake controller fitted

Trailers & Caravans

  • Electric Brake Controllers

  • Lighting Installation

  • LED Lighting Upgrade

  • Trailer plug installation

  • Rewire Cars & Trailers

Headlights adjusted and spot lights fitted

Vehicle Lighting Fitted

  • Spot Lights

  • Work Lights

  • Light Bars

  • LED Systems

  • Driving Lights

  • Fog Lights

  • Diagnosis, Repair and Upgrades

Dash cameras fitted

Vehicle Cameras Fitted

  • Reversing Cameras

  • Dash Cams

  • Reverse Sensors

Caravan solar panels fitted

Caravans & Motor Homes

  • Solar Panels

  • Electric Brakes

  • Electric Wiring

  • Electric Brake Controllers

  • Services Listing

Long Life Deep Cycle Batteries - Premium Brands

Summary of auto electrical services.

  • air-conditioning repairs

  • auto electrical repairs

  • alternator repairs

  • starter motor repairs

  • diagnostic issues

  • electric brake repairs

  • auxiliary power setups for 4wd’s

  • caravan solar panels

  • caravan electrical systems

  • inverter systems

  • caravan electric brake systems

  • dual charging/battery systems

  • wiring repairs/rewiring

  • caravan brakes


The Benefits of A Quick Accurate Electrical Diagnosis

Our Technicians use a mix of experience, knowledge and specific diagnostic tools to identify a range of Electrical/Electronic faults. Diagnosing the problem quickly saves you money and assures all associated faults are identified and dealt with.

Once we’ve found the problem, we’ll provide you with an explanation of the work that needs to be done before repairing the component and resetting your vehicle’s systems. By using this technology, you will enjoy a fast and efficient turnaround on auto electrical repairs, saving you money on expensive replacement parts thus ensuring you’re back on the road quickly at minimum cost.

Listing of Our Services

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Examples of vehicles we service
● Audi
● Daewoo
● Daihatsu
● Datsun
● Fiat
● Ford
● Holden
● Honda
● Hyundai
● Isuzu Ute
● Jeep
● Kia
● Land Rover
● Lexus
● Mazda
● Mini
● Mitsubishi
● Nissan
● Subaru
● Suzuki
● Toyota
● Volkswagen
● Volvo

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Car servicing Rockhampton For any of the above services or for any automotive repairs, Mechanical, Air-conditioning, Auto electrical, Cruise control, Caravan services, Bosch, Delkor and Century Batteries.

You can speak with Cathy or Steve who will talk you through any automotive service questions and advice; they are well-informed, patient, professionals. (07) 4926 1303

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