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Engine Lock Custom-built Immobilisers at HAE Rockhampton

Engine immobiliser is now here with a tamper-proof LOCK. The Highway Auto Engine Immobiliser Lock is unique to your car. Engine won’t start even with the key.

STOP Car Thieves even if they have your keys. New cars since 2001 have an engine immobiliser built in, which depends on a signal from the key to the ECU to start the engine. So if a thief has your keys, the built-in immobiliser allows unhindered operation of your vehicle.

However, the key-to-ECU signal is overridden with our custom-built Engine Immobiliser Lock so that the engine won’t run without your intervention. Theft-proof your car today.

Protect your car from thieves. Learn the preventative measures you can take to stop your vehicle from being stolen. Simple, effective, and inexpensive.

Auto Electricians, Highway Auto (HAE), Berserker Nth. Rockhampton, the most respected auto electrical provider since 1966. Technicians for the latest auto technology. HAE offers an inexpensive vehicle anti-theft system for your car and some advice on preventing car theft below.

Various anti theft devices are on the market, However Vehicle Electrical systems have always been incredibly tricky to deal with – it’s a job that calls for workshop staff with specialist skills and dedicated test equipment. Unfortunately, electrical and electronic service difficulties have been multiplied many times over by the sheer complexity of modern vehicle electronics and auto electrics.
Engine Lock to Theft Proof Your Car at HAE Rockhampton

Vehicle Engine immobiliser lock

No, not a physical lock. It's a virtual lock that can't be penetrated by unauthorised means. However, all engine immobilisers can be penetrated in various ways, and thanks to social media and YouTube etc., the architecture for these penetrations is out in the public domain.

Each vehicle make and model have variants in security stability; therefore, at HAE, we create a lock for your vehicle, which is somewhat unique. The engine lock is robust and reasonably priced. This is a customised creation for your vehicle; therefore, the price varies by type and complexity. The good news is we stand by our 'AGREED PRICE' policy, so you know the cost upfront.
Thief Proof Your Car at HAE Rockhampton

Protect Your Keys as You Would Your Cash

Modern vehicle security has improved; however, the easy way for car thieves is with your keys. Unfortunately, the easiest way to steal a car is to use the keys, so you need to be extra attentive about where you store the keys.

Don’t leave your keys lying around in an easily accessible location, such as a table near the door or a key hook, and don’t tag your keys with identifiers like your name or address. If you need to hand your keys over to someone, it is best to hand over the key only.

Wherever possible, try to park in your garage or a gated driveway, or when you’re not at home in a secure car park. If that’s not available, choose somewhere well-lit and well-populated to reduce the temptation for opportunistic thieves.

Make sure, whenever you leave your vehicle, your windows are up and doors are locked and don’t leave valuables visible in the car.

If you need to park in an untrusted area, consider purchasing a wheel-locking clamp.

The Most Common Reasons For Car Theft

    1. Easy to find car keys

    2. Valuables left in the car

    3. Poor vehicle security

    4. Easy Access to Dwelling

    5. High used car prices


Statistics show that 70 per cent of late-model cars are stolen using their keys. Thieves look for keys left in the car or on a hook inside an unlocked front door or the garage. So if your keys are in the house, even if you are home, keep the doors locked so that a thief can't sneak in, grab the keys, and steal the car before you even realise they have entered the house.

Thieves take what they can quickly get their hands on inside your car, and if the opportunity presents itself, they'll take the car too.

Older cars are much easier to steal due to a lack of engine immobilisers, proper door locks, security alarms and vehicle trackers. The absence of modern security features makes older cars very easy and appealing to steal. They also offer more accessible access to catalytic converters, which are a part of the exhaust system rich in precious metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Car theft can be a precursor to home burglary. By putting details like your home location and front door key on your car keys, you are providing a thief with your address and an easy way to enter your home – meaning it's not just your car that can be stolen, but your belongings too.

Many people put their home addresses on key rings in case they lose their keys, so they can be returned. However, times have changed, and this is more of a security risk than one may think.

Ways To Protect Your Car From Theft

1. Remove the keys from the vehicle

Always lock your car and take the keys with you. Ensure your car keys are stored in a place that's out of sight, like a drawer or cupboard. If you're leaving without your car, bring your car keys with you so potential burglars can't take your vehicle.
Never leave a spare key hidden somewhere in or near the car. Thieves are used to this and know where to look.

2. Lock your car doors and garage door

Always lock your car – when out and about and when parked at home. Locking your doors is an excellent habit to get into, no matter whether you live in a metropolitan or regional area.

It may sound obvious, but many households also make it easy for thieves by leaving their entry doors and gates unlocked and even their garage doors open. Not only can thieves easily access your car, but also your garage contents like bicycles and power tools, which are in high demand for a quick sale.

3. Install anti-theft screws on your number plates

Car thieves target vehicle number plates for use on their often stolen vehicles to carry out crimes undetected. Therefore, always blur your number plates when posting pictures of your car online for sale and consider replacing the screws holding your physical number plates on with anti-theft screws.

4. Install Effective Car Security

Older cars also lack the engine immobiliser security feature in more modern vehicles, allowing them to be hotwired. However, aftermarket engine immobilisers can be fitted to older cars to prevent hotwiring for only a few hundred dollars. Other anti-theft devices include bonnet locks, steering wheel locks, ignition shields, battery isolators and GPS trackers.

Highway Auto Electrics will appraise your vehicle and determine the best anti-theft solution at a reasonable price, starting at $237.

5. Invest in Vehicle Security Equipment

Anti-theft deterrents that make a thief aware that the theft won't be easy and there's a chance they will be spotted provides excellent protection for your car. Thieves are after low-risk with high-return crimes.


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